Darn Tough: Socks for Hiking and Skiing That Will Last Forever

And still made in Vermont, USA!

While we all know that much of the apparel sold in the USA is imported these days, there is one holdout market: socks. As a nation of outdoorsmen (and women), this is great news. Brands like Fox River, Smartwool, Thorlo, and Wigwam are making awesome, high quality socks that will be keep your feet snug for years, if not decades.
But today we're focusing on our favorite brand, Darn Tough, which, in addition to making everything in Vermont, goes so far as to offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee on all of their socks. This is an AMAZING policy. You can read more about it here, but trust us, it's the real deal.

We've taken the liberty of going through the Darn Tough catalog and picking out some of our favorite socks for hiking and skiing (though they'll work just as well for hunting or other similarly off the beaten track activities.

Though all of the socks listed below are extremely durable and comfortable (and, of course, MADE IN AMERICA), you should consider two things before purchasing:

  1. The material Socks made out of merino wool are excellent in all weather conditions (hot/cold, dry/wet), however they do tend to be a bit more expensive and take a while to dry out. The alternative synthetic materials often have a snugger fit and dry quickly, however they tend to be hotter in warm conditions and lose insulation when wet.
  • The padding Consider when you might wear the socks. Some listed here are strategically padded for specialty activities (ex. extra padding in the shins for skiing and snowboarding).
Note that many of the socks here have more than one color option, so if you see a design you like make sure to click the link.

Also, we've saved the best pairs for last (though they aren't exactly for hiking or skiing), so we hope you make it to the end of the list! Enjoy!