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The Eight Best American Made Pens

The Write Stuff

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, so when you're heading into a battle of wits and words you want a weapon that will get your point across with classic sophistication and clarity. Any one of the products we have on this list of the best pens produced in America will be a formidable adversary in your writing. You want something that is easy to hold and produces a mark that is dark and clean without smudging or fading. We have some tried and true household names on our list alongside a few brands that you may not have heard of before. But we assure you that all of these are excellent choices and every one of them is made proudly in the United States of America.

1. Fisher Space Bullet Space Pen

The Fisher Space Pen is a marvel of modern science. You can use it anywhere in the world or even in the vacuum of space if you happen to find yourself a few hundred miles above the Earth. It's a pen that can do it all, write upside down, write underwater, even write in extreme heat and cold. How is that possible? The secret to this technologically advanced pen is found in the ink cartridge. It's been pressurized with nitrogen gas, hermetically sealed, and equipped with a tungsten carbide ballpoint tip. So the next time you need to write on a wet surface or take notes just a few miles from the equator, this is the writing utensil you'll need.

2. 999 Silver Legacy Ballpoint Pen

If you're looking for something sleek and stylish, yet affordable look no further than the Silver Legacy. It's made of solid 925 sterling silver, this isn't a pen that is silver plated, it's the real deal measuring 5.25 inches in length and 8mm in width circumference. This is a pen that is ideal for use anywhere and compact enough to fit in your jacket pocket, your purse, or day planner. The etchings along the exterior make for an eye-catching aesthetic and with the cost of silver rising these days, the pen might be considered a shrewd investment.

3. Parker Fountain Pen

Parker is one of the most recognizable household names for fine quality pens. The Golden Fountain is just one example of their dedication to making top shelf products and demonstrates that the traditional fountain pen is making a comeback. Parker has made this pen with precision engineering to ensure that it moves smoothly over your page to make a dark and sharply rendered mark every time the 23 carat gold plated nib makes contact. It's available in your choice of 11 body finish combinations and three nibs. There's also a two-year warranty offered with every purchase.

4. Sheaffer Sentinel

Sheaffer is another household name that is widely recognized as a distinguished pen manufacturer of note. Their Sentinel pen is all about bringing convenience to your writing. Just click the button and the tip is automatically engaged and ready for writing. The slim outer body offers a thin profile to make the pen easy to carry and store anywhere you wish. You can buy the pen by itself or as part of a set with a mechanical pencil offering the same slight profiling and push-button mechanics. Don't worry about running out of ink either, every Sentinel comes with a Sheaffer β€œK” ballpoint refill.

5. Noodler's Pen and Ink

Sometimes the old ways are best. It's true with any number of things and those of you who long for the days of refilling the ink in your pens manually will love this pen from Noodlers. The company is primarily known for ink bottles for inkwells and refillable pens, but this particular bottle comes with the fountain pen and flexible nib. You simply open the bottle, retrieve ink through the eyedropper attached to the cap and deposit the ink into the barrel. The result is a pen that recalls the days of quills being the most widely used implement for writing. Any concerns for the ink running can be allayed, as Noodlers ink is designed not to run or smear.

6. Sheaffer Taranis

Sheaffer is back with their Taranis Stormy chrome fountain pen, designed by award-winning U.S. architect Charles Debbas, it's a pen that brings a unique aesthetic to the traditional fountain pen. The sleek, retro styling of the outer body combined with the precise nib engineered for sharp lines and hard edges on every mark, the Taranis is a pen for those who appreciate exceptional quality and performance from their writing implements.

7. Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen

We have another Parker pen on the list, this one is the Jotter and it might be the most traditional pen we've chosen for review. You know this one, it's the pen we've all used at one point or another in our lives because it's only been around for more than six decades. The retractable design just takes a click to open and close and it comes with the signature Parker arrowhead clip to keep it from moving around in your pocket or school bag. Best of all, it still costs less than $10 to own.

8. Monteverde One Touch Tool Pen

Why just have a pen when you can have the Monteverde Touch Ballpoint pen? Sometimes a pen is just the beginning and here you get way more than a ballpoint pen at your disposal. In addition, you get a variety of tools including three different rulers, a built-in level, two screwdrivers a Phillips and flathead, as well as a stylus that can be used for any touch screen and designed for ultra sensitivity. You get all of this for around $20. As for the pen specifically, you can replace it with any refill you prefer including ballpoint and fountain options. This is pretty much the last pen you're ever going to need to buy.