Baby Toys Made with Care in the USA

Fun and safe toys parents can love

Playtime is a lot more fun with toys that you know were made in America. Babies are always curious, learning and growing all the time, and the right toys can help to educate and entertain. The toys on our list are all ideal for infant boys and girls to enjoy for hours on end and whether it's a teething ring to relieve tooth discomfort or an organizer to keep all of your infant's favorite things in one place, each of these ten items is the perfect solution for making a bored or discontented baby smile with delight.

1. Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug 'n Secure Swing

Little Tikes offers an indoor/outdoor baby swing that keeps your child safe and secure while he or she swings with glee for hours of entertainment. You can attach the swing to an existing swing set or any other sturdy surface that can handle the weight. The swing has a maximum weight limit of 50 lbs which allows you to get plenty of use out of this toy as your baby gets older. The T-bar and straps are fully adjustable to accommodate your baby as he or she grows. This is currently a bestseller on Amazon with a four and a half star rating.

2. Green Toys My First Keys Baby Toy

Teething toys are among the most popular selling items for babies and we have a few on our list. The first is this collection of plastic shapes that are designed to look like a set of keys. Teething toys are designed to go in your baby's mouth so the material has to be safe and free of chemicals or other harmful toxic components. Green Toys prides themselves on their eco-friendly products and their My First Keys baby toy is not only food-safe but manufactured from recycled plastic and meets all FDA standards for a toy that can be placed in the mouth. Best of all, despite being shaped like keys each toy on the ring contains no sharp edges or points.

3. Maple Landmark Mini-Monster Car

Babies can spark their imagination with this wooden car from Maple Landmark. Based in Vermont, the company makes three different vehicle styles, a car, a truck, and a bus, all of which are constructed from sustainably sourced rock maple wood. Each toy measures nearly four inches in length and three inches in height, and comes with big wheels that roll easily on just about any type of surface The construction process uses laser engraving for the aesthetic details and since any toy is inevitably going to end up in your baby's mouth, Maple Landmark doesn't use any chemical coatings or finishes. There are no removable components either, so it's completely safe for baby to play with any time.

4. CelebriDucks The Good Duck Yellow Rubber Ducky Teether Made in U

The good people at Celebriducks set out to build a better rubber ducky because most American moms out there felt that all of the ducks currently on the market were not healthy or safe enough for infants. So the company created a rubber ducky that was perfect for playtime in the bath by using medical-grade resin material that is free of PVC, BPA's, lead, paraben, latex, and paints that were too toxic for an infant to place in the mouth. This is the safest rubber ducky you'll ever buy and your baby will love it. Non-toxic and small enough for tiny hands to hold. It even floats on water, like a rubber ducky should.

5. Maple Landmark Shape Sorter Round Cage

Another product from Maple Landmark makes the list, this time it's their Shape Sorter Round Cage. Measuring six inches in length and five inches in diameter, the cage holds 12 shapes that babies can insert and remove through the holes at the end. This educational toy introduces your baby to the concept of shapes with pieces shaped like a square, circle, triangle, and rectangle, and teaches the child to match the correct shape with the appropriate hole. Everything has been made with locally harvested hardwood and the cage and shapes have been colored with water-based dye stain instead of harmful paints.

6. WowieStar Silicone Baby Teether

This baby teether has been constructed of FDA certified medical grade silicone that is free of chemicals and contains no phthalates, latex, or rubber materials. The starfish shape makes the teether easy to grab with tiny infant hands and your baby can chew on it from any angle while still allowing for front teeth and back molars to make contact with the toy. It's also heat and cold resistant so feel free to drop it in boiling water or the dishwasher.

7. Montessori Inspired All Natural Wooden Baby Development and Discovery Set

This collection of toys is made from birch, maple, and other natural materials to promote educational discovery through touch and puzzle solving. The best baby toys are those that have been designed to teach and this set of four wooden toys fosters proper sensory development while remaining safe to enjoy without the concern for harmful coatings and toxic chemicals. Each toy has been finished in 100% natural beeswax and the whole set comes in a cotton bag for storage. The unique shapes will keep your toddler engaged for hours of entertainment.

8. Green Toys Twist Teether Toy

Another eco-friendly product from Green Toys is on the list with this teether toy that is smart and safe for the environment and your baby. Their Twist Teether toy is the perfect size for baby hands to grasp and hold and, of course, it's been manufactured without harmful toxic components so you can feel comfortable with your infant chewing on it. Like all of their products, Green Toys uses recycled plastics and conforms to FDA food-grade standards. The Teether offers baby a combination of colorful charms that offer a variety of textures to spark the senses and make playtime a learning experience as well as a pleasurable one in relieving tooth discomfort.

9. Suction Cup Buddy Bathtub Toy Organizer Holder

Babies love playing in the bathtub but sometimes Mommy and Daddy can get beleaguered by the amount of toys floating and sinking, not to mention being thrown around by a happy and excited baby. Well now you can get this toy organizer holder that attaches to the wall via suction cup. The mesh bag is large enough to fit everything yet doesn't pose a choking hazard if the baby should try to put it over his or her head. It's fun to place the toys in the bag and take them out again and it teaches the fundamentals of putting toys away when the child is finished playing with them.

10. Maple Landmark Maple Teether Pair

Maple Landmark makes one last appearance with this pair of maple teethers don't contain any harmful chemicals or coatings. Each ring has been sanded down smooth so it's safe for baby to handle and place in the mouth. No need to worry about splinters or nicks in the surface that can result in injury and pain. Wooden teethers offer additional benefits over plastic because they're all natural and babies will enjoy the textural stimulation. Both teethers are easy to clean with just some soap and water, since they are made of wood they are not intended for dishwasher use.