Three Brands Making Quality Work Pants in the USA

You can't go wrong here

When it comes to jeans and pants for work and outdoor, you need look no further than right here in the good old USA. Manufacturers of legwear have been quietly maintaining a loyal consumer base and at the same time, providing jobs that stimulate the economy here at home. American made is often more affordable than you might think and for quality you can trust, American made is as good as it’s ever been. Home-grown fabrics have a strong foothold in the garment industry and it’s going to be this way for some time.

So, which brand of American made pants are right for you? Here’s a look at three popular makers to help you pick the right pants.

1. Stan Ray

Located in Crocket, Texas, the Stan Ray company has been making pants for rugged wear since 1972. Today, their line of fatigues comes in a range of colors from blue-gray to olive and black. And in keeping with the Stan Ray tradition, the pants are fabricated using a durable heavy-mill that translates to longevity, which means you can take these pants to task at any number of hard to do jobs. At one time Stan Ray produced the loose fit style that made them a favorite among the big guys. Lately they’ve expanded their line to include a slimmer fit for the lean gang at the same affordable price that comes in at around $60 an issue. So for durability at a price that’s good to the wallet, Stan Ray is a practical choice.

2. Round House

In 1891 the settlement of Shawnee, Oklahoma was founded on the banks of the Canadian River as a stop over on a route to the West. Twelve years later, the original Round House factory opened its doors and has been making rugged and affordable garments ever since, all in keeping with their “Fit Best” and “Wear Longest” standard. In 1950, Round House set a Guinness world record by making the largest pair of bib overalls in the world -- size 80" prepared for the funeral of a Round House loyalist. Today, the name Round House is still synonymous with heavy duty coveralls and jeans at affordable prices with the heavy duty garments weighing in at less than $50 apiece. So if you’re looking for American made that comes with a over a century of tradition, Round House jeans in the legendary dark blue denim is a great choice. And for a really dirty job, grab a pair of their irregulars starting at $14.95.

3. Carhartt

The Carhartt has been making rugged outdoor pants for men and women for over half a century and as more people learned about them, their popularity spread to the hip-hop culture and has become a trendy style. They offer twill dungaree relaxed fit for $39.99, a weathered duck 5-pocket pant for $44.99 and a washed duck work dungaree at the same price. All made in America at one of their four facilities in Kentucky and Tennessee.