Jerkies Made and Sourced in the USA You Have to Try

Everyone loves a salty snack

If you're out in the woods, on the road for a while, or just craving a salty snack, there's nothing better than some high quality jerky. All of the jerkies below are made and sourced in America, by American owned companies, and are absolutely delicious. Trust me, it'll be hard to go back to Jack Links or Oberto after trying these.

1. Appalachian Premium Beef Jerky

Appalachian Beef Jerky is all about creating simple jerky, the right way. As opposed to the over-processed, mass produced beef jerky you see in most stores, these guys make their product with high quality ingredients (including top-round beef raised in the Northeast), and take extra time to brine the meat to make the most flavorful jerky possible.

2. Naked Cow All Natural Grass Fed Beef Jerky - SAMPLER includes ON

Naked Cow Jerky is actually produced by the same company as Appalachian Beef Jerky, however the Naked Cow brand goes a step further and uses no soy, sugar/corn syrup, or articial preservatives and is made exclusively from grass-fed beef. It's a little more expensive, but if you are particularly diet conscious, or just want to try the all natural alternative, Naked Cow Jerky will not dissappoint.

3. The New Primal Beef Jerky

Similar to Naked Cow, The New Primal jerky is all about natural ingredients and high quality beef. As they say, they've "taken the gas station out of jerky and meat snacks." While I'm not necessarily opposed to the gas station Slim Jim, I'll have to admit this jerky is pretty damn good.

4. Country Archer

Country Archer makes a mean turkey jerky, particularly of the honey dijon variety. They're source 100% of their meats in US and make their jerkies in California. They also do giveaways of their jerky and other American-made stuff each month, which is worth checking out if you're into that sort of thing:

5. True Jerky

All of their jerky is good, but you've gotta try their Honey Bourbon Brisket. It just might be the best of all the jerkies on this list. They also take the kind of funny step of including a little bit of floss in each bag (just in case you've got jerky teeth). Not necessarily what I would have thought of, but not a bad idea. Made in San Diego and locally sourced.

6. Three Jerks

Disclaimer: I have never tried this jerky. HOWEVER, it's gotten big press (and funding) through Shark Tank and is supposed to be pretty damn good. Three Jerks has built their name on using only filet minion cuts to make their jerky, which, while theoretically upping the quality, also ups the prices. Regardless, absolutely worth trying once. Made in California.

7. Ruby Bay Wild Salmon Jerky

Confession time: I'll take salmon over beef jerky 9/10 times. And I'll take this jerky over beef jerky 10/10 times. Ruby Bay has come up with something really special here with their Teriyaki salmon jerky, it's SO GOOD. Made from wild caught Alaskan king salmon.