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American Foundation is a search engine for exclusively American-made products, with a growing catalog of over 1,000,000 items. Use American Foundation to search and browse items in every category imaginable and quickly find a Made in USA alternative for anything. While search and browse takes place on American Foundation’s website, purchases are made and fulfilled by Amazon. We decided to partner with Amazon because it makes things easy for everyone: consumers an take advantage of the best prices, logistics, and customer service in the industry, and we can offer the world's largest selection of Made in America products.

Started by former Wayfair employees, the idea for American Foundation came about after seeing request after request for a “Made in America” filter for searching and browsing the Despite clear demand for the feature, it was never added. With other large retailers like Amazon and Walmart similarly ignoring demand, they decided to act and founded American Foundation with the goals of helping consumers act on their buying preferences by connecting them high quality American-made products and supporting American workers.

We truly believe that anything that makes it more convenient to buy American will drive Made in USA product sales, which will in turn not only support existing manufacturers and workers, but ultimately signal consumer demand for Made in USA goods and bring back manufacturing and jobs to the United States. If even a small number of people start using American Foundation as the starting point for online shopping, it would make a huge difference in the industry.

To that end, we encourage you to use American Foundation and help us get the word out!
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